Have you ever heard someone ask, “what is the end goal?” We live in a society where the focus centers on reaching goals and accomplishing success. However, the idea of carrying out the end goal is often missing.

For example, we often spend time talking about how to start a family, or the beginning of a family rather than the end versions of families. What would it look like to have more intentionality being woven through our families? What would it look like to start with the end version when laying the foundation of our families?

It seems like it was just yesterday as my husband and I were beginning to envision our future family. We had no idea what the details would include. Actually, when we would pray and envision our future family, we would often talk about the final version.

This journal below was a part of that end version conversation. While I delight in journaling, my husband delights in songwriting. I set out to start a journal for our future baby girl that was not even born yet while her father whispered to me that he was going to write songs for her.

joy journal

Some may think it funny to do such things when your baby isn’t even born but is it really?

“The key to experiencing a relationally and spiritually strong family is to start with the end in mind,” ~from The Family Shift book

Since becoming a mom, I find myself thinking more of the end version than I ever did before. I’ll think thoughts such as “I want to be healthy because I want to be around a long time to see our girl grow.” My husband and I will talk about values and environmental tones we want to set our home to because one day our girl will leave to join her future groom.

They will build a family based on what they saw growing up. Although none of us are perfect, it’s better to aim for the best with God as your compass directing your family. God has entrusted us with this beautiful baby girl as he has done your family and kids to pour into them a reflection of his LOVE, not perfection.

How are you doing this within your family? Maybe you are not married but you are a school teacher coach, counselor, or mentor. How are you walking with the end version in mind?

It starts with envisioning the values and tone you long to set because one day you will be gone. Your impact will be a part of the stories written in the lives of those you have touched.

Each day families are breaking and not enough families are carrying out their end version. Will you have the courage to START with the end version and CARRY out the end version for your family? I challenge you to start with the end version because it’s about carrying out a legacy for the next generation.

“Your commitments can develop you or destroy you but either way, they will define you.” ~Rick Warren