Preschoolers love trying to do things like grown-ups. They like to press computer buttons and jump high to throw the basketball or stir the food to make something yummy. Being able to say they can do things like Mommy or Daddy is a big deal!

This month, we are teaching preschoolers something else they can do that is a really big deal. They can love like Jesus! We want preschoolers to know that they can love like Jesus, and when they love like Jesus, it’s like tossing confetti everywhere! Serving others, showing kindness, helping and loving everyone—these are things that even our youngest children can do. And when they do, they love like Jesus.

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March 5th

Story Focus: I can love like Jesus.

Jesus washes His disciples’ feet. Jesus does this to show everyone who would follow Him what it looks like to love the way He loves. It’s not exactly what Jesus’ first disciples thought love would look like, but when we put other people first and serve them, we love like Jesus.


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March 12th

Story Focus: I can be kind like Jesus.

A woman is so desperate to be healed from 12 years of sickness, that she risks everything just to touch Jesus’ clothes. Yes, her body is healed, but the woman also experiences the kind words of Jesus. Kindness is powerful because when we are kind, we love like Jesus.


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March 19th

Story Focus: I can share like Jesus.

As Jesus watches a crowd of people walking towards Him, Jesus wanted to help them by giving them food. So, that’s what He did! Jesus feeds over 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish. And when we take the time to help others, we love like Jesus.


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March 26th

Story Focus: I can love everyone like Jesus.

Jesus chooses 12 men to be His disciples. As we get to know the different backgrounds and professions of those first 12, we quickly see that Jesus loves everyone, no matter what, and when we love everyone, we love like Jesus.


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