No one likes for a party to end, so let’s keep this party going! That means you can keep all of those streamers, hats, and party horns right where they are because we have MORE to celebrate! This month, we’re celebrating Jesus because Jesus gives me joy!

We’re not talking about the happiness you get from a carnival ride or a triple scoop of ice cream kind of joy. We’re talking about the joy only Jesus can give! It’s the kind of joy that we can have no matter what. It is a joy that lasts forever!

So grab a handful—or two—of confetti. It’s time to start the party . . . AGAIN!

july Preschool Content

July 7th

Story Focus: Jesus came to give the world joy.

An angel appears to tell some shepherds some good news that would cause great joy for all people. As in the whole world! Those shepherds went from frozen in fright to running with wonder! Joy had come into the world! The shepherds knew they needed to share the joy that Jesus gave them with EVERYONE because Jesus came to give everyone joy. Now we get to teach our preschoolers that Jesus came to give them joy too! That’s worth celebrating!


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July 14th

Story Focus: Jesus helps us have joy. 

While Jesus, His mom Mary and His disciples are guests at a wedding, the servants run out of the special wedding drink. Jesus’ mom went right to the one person she knew could help— Jesus! Jesus did something only He can do and turned six huge jars of water into the special wedding drink. Now, everyone could continue celebrating the bride and groom. Jesus gave the people at the wedding joy, and Jesus can give us joy too.


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July 21st

Story Focus: I can help my friends have joy.

Paul wrote a letter to Jesus’ friends, and He told them how they could love like Jesus and help their friends have joy. We can love like Jesus and help our friends have joy when we sit with our friends while they are sad or when we are excited with our friends when they are excited. We can love like Jesus because Jesus loves us and Jesus gives us joy.


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