There is a food truck for just about every kind of food, and when the food trucks are lined up, the whole community comes out. Some people like noodles. Some people like tacos. Some people like hot dogs. And others head straight for the funnel cakes!

Next time you see a row of food trucks look around at all the people in line. Take time to thank Jesus because Jesus loves everyone. Jesus loves the sour as well as the sweet; the spicy as well as the mild; the simple as well as the complicated; your favorites and your not-so-favorites. Jesus loves everyone!

February Preschool Content

February 4th

Story Focus: Jesus loves everyone.

Jesus touches a man who asks for help and heals him of all his boo-boos. an with leprosy. He was not someone everyone loved…or even liked, really. In fact, people stayed away from him because they didn’t want to get what he had. A person with leprosy lived a very lonely and painful life. But then one day, this man meets Jesus. And Jesus does not run away. Jesus loves the man and makes him well. Why? Because Jesus loves everyone.


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February 11th

Story Focus: Jesus is a friend to everyone.

Jesus is a kind and loving friend to a woman who had done something wrong. We call her the unloved woman because she experienced anything but love from the religious leaders. Instead of love, she received judgment, hate, anger, embarrassment…until she was dragged to the feet of Jesus. What does Jesus give the woman? Love, grace and compassion. Why? Because Jesus loves everyone.


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February 18th

Story Focus: Jesus loves us even when we do something wrong.

Zacchaeus climbs a tree to see Jesus. We can only imagine the look on Zacchaeus’ face when he saw Jesus walking towards him as he sat perched in a tree. Maybe Zacchaeus thought Jesus was going to tell him that being a tax collector was wrong. Maybe he thought Jesus was going to tell him he should be ashamed of his bad choices. But that’s not what happened. Instead, Jesus tells Zacchaeus He wants to stay at his house. Why? Because Jesus loves everyone.


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February 25th

Story Focus: Jesus loves me.

Jesus tells His friends, the disciples, to let the children come to Him. Parents were bringing their children to Jesus so He could bless them. The disciples, thinking they were doing what was best, told the parents to go away. I mean, Jesus is super important and has super important things to do. He can’t be bothered with children, right? Wrong. Jesus quickly tells His disciples to let the children come to Him and don’t make it hard for children to get to Him. Why? Because Jesus loves everyone.


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