Parenting is hard. We can all admit that one! And a lot of times we feel like we are doing it all wrong or that we are not doing enough.

I remember feeling the constant pressure to make sure I was doing everything right. I knew that I needed to talk to my kids about Jesus. I knew that I needed to do more of this at home but honestly, it was very overwhelming. I just didn’t know where to start and so I just didn’t do anything.

But then I realized that I needed to start somewhere. I could add in small things that could really impact the way my children see Jesus and also help them develop disciplines that would help them later in life. AND I had to release the worry and fear that I was not doing enough or that I would not have all the answers!

When I released all of that, it made things enjoyable! Talking to and about Jesus is not complicated. In fact, my kids have taught me more about Jesus than I ever thought was possible.

With all of that being said, here is a list of things that you can start doing to begin the conversations about Jesus in your house AND to make it a part of your everyday life. Here is the thing – don’t try and do all at once. Pick one. Do it for several months, then see about adding another one.

6 Ways to Talk About Jesus with Your Kids

  1. Read the Bible. The Jesus Storybook Bible is so good for kids (and adults) of all ages. It tells the story in such an easy to understand way. You can read it at bedtime each night. You could read it in the morning while everyone is eating breakfast.
  2. Pray with your kids. Maybe start at mealtime and bedtime and then add a morning one in as well. Let them pray, too! You will be surprised that they are less afraid of it than you might be!
  3. Memorize scripture together. This has been a great thing not only for the kids but for me as well! Every week, we memorize one verse — some take more than one week, let’s be honest! We go over it during dinner or any mealtimes we are all together. It is written on a card on our fridge so that we see it throughout the day as well. Are you worried about picking out verses?
  4. Download the Parent Cue app! They provide a monthly memory verse for your kids that are age-appropriate and it ties into what they are learning here at Quest on Sunday mornings.
  5. Partner with KidsQuest. This is another great way to use the Parent Cue App. It gives helpful and creative ways to talk to your kids about the Bible lessons and stories that they are learning on Sundays. From dinner time conversations to the Bible stories on video, there are simple ways to incorporate talking Jesus in your everyday conversations.
  6. Have a quiet time together. While modeling your quiet time is a good way to show younger children about time with Jesus, having time together is great for older children. My 10-year-old has now started getting up with me a few times a week to read her Bible. We read a section of scripture, underline, and color things that stood out to us, and then talk about it. Nothing fancy. It just gets her in the habit of taking that first part of the day for God. And an added bonus is that she gets some one on one time with me!

Whatever you start with, JUST START! Make it fun and make it a part of your everyday routines. If something doesn’t work (like a devotion you selected or a reading plan) then change it!