Read John 14:1-7 aloud.

There are many wonderful and beautiful promises in Scripture but this one might be my favorite. It’s so simple, really.

That where I am, there you will be.

There’s room for me. There’s room for you. No matter who excluded you in this life, He has a room for you. It doesn’t matter where you didn’t belong before, in the Father’s house, there is always room for you. You might have always been an outsider, but in the Father’s house, Jesus welcomes you. People might have rejected and abandoned you, but in the Father’s house, you will always be where Jesus is.

That where I am, there you will be.

When my heart is heavy and troubled, I often come back to this passage. It’s as if Jesus knew exactly how I would feel. He reminds me to believe in God, and also believe in Him. I know there are people who never struggle with believing what God has said. But I do. Faith isn’t easy for me. I battle doubts and have a hard time trusting.

Will He really come back?

Others have not.

Will He really make a place for me?

I’ve been left out so many times.

But over and over, He reminds me that He truly is the way, the truth, and the life. He’s the only one who always keeps His word. He’s faithful. He’s never failed me yet. I cling tightly to this promise, because I’ve always wanted to have a place. I’ve always wanted to fit in and belong. I have struggled with the lie that I will never fit in, and I’ll never truly belong because something’s wrong with me. Or it’s something that I have done.

What’s true is this:

I can trust Him. I can believe Him. I don’t have to carry all of that shame in my heart. He has said He will have a place for me, and I can trust Him. He’s never failed me yet.

That where I am, there He will be.

Do you want to have a place? Do you want to belong?

Come home to the Father’s house.

The way home is Jesus, and He will never let you down. He holds the life you seek.