One of the most effective lies the enemy tells is that God could forget you.

At first, the mere thought that God could forget us is ridiculous. But life has a knack at chipping away at our confidence in the goodness of God. Things don’t go as planned. People exit our lives. All the while, the enemy continues to whisper. and a small crack in our trust in God appears.

Does God really hear your prayers?
Nothing ever seems to happen.

Is He listening? Is He even there?
He never answers.

The lies will go on and on.

If we don’t remind ourselves of what is true, that small crack can turn into a canyon and shatter our faith into a million little pieces.

Read Isaiah 49:16 silently.

At the heart of the criminal’s request on the cross was that Jesus would remember him. In our distress the lie that God has forgotten us can seem appealing, even true. But what is actually true is that God could never forget you.

He wrote your name on His hands.

Read Isaiah 49:16 one more time and insert your name into the text.

“Behold, Dusty, I have written you on my hands. My eyes are ever on you.”

He will never forget you.

Read Matthew 10:30 aloud.

He knows every hair (or lack thereof) on your head. How could He forget you? He paid His life to know you. Jesus has always loved, even before there was time.