Read John 1:1-14 slowly and silently several times.

John is explaining the very essence of God in this passage. Soak in this truth and don’t miss it!
Jesus is the Word of God.
At the same time, He is God.
The Word is the Spirit, and all things were made for Him and through Him.
In the beginning, He was with God and is with Him now.
But that isn’t the end of the story.
The Word became flesh.
The second member of the Trinity, the Son, became human.
He stepped out of heaven and became just like you and me.
God became one of us. Available. Present. Personal.
Jesus was fully God and fully man.
The Word became a God-Man and dwelt among us.
He did it to be close to us.
So that we could touch Him.
Hear Him.
See Him.
On the cross, Jesus redeemed us. He did what no person could ever do. Only God could save us.
He cries out, “I thirst,” reminding us that while He is God, He was still very much still human.
The Fullness of God chose to become one of us to save us.