Read Matthew 27:45 aloud.

“From noon on, darkness covered the earth.”

It would have been easy to think that the darkness was a sign that hope was lost.

But Jesus knew differently.

Even in the presence of His enemies, He prayed to His Father.
Even in the anguish of the separation from the Father, He still calls out to “My God.”

Even when He felt abandoned, He did not lose faith or hope in the face of the darkness.

Read Philippians 2:5-11 silently.

The cross paints the picture of a God who doesn’t always stop what He is doing to turn on the lights in the dark. He keeps working and shows us what His love looks like. His love for us required the cross. Jesus was obedient to that cross, even when it meant this heart wrenching separation between the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Even when it was dark, His love was faithful.

When the darkness surrounds you, know that your God still works in the dark.