It was likely Wednesday of the last week of Jesus’ life.

Read Matthew 26:6-13 silently but read the words of Jesus aloud.

Whenever Jesus went to Jerusalem, He often stayed in Bethany which was two miles outside of the walls of Jerusalem. On this night, He chose to stay in the home of Simon, who the Bible tells us was a leper. We can assume that Jesus had previously healed Simon of his leprosy since other guests were present, but the stigma attached to the disease remained. He was still known as a leper.

Even in His final days, Jesus still chose those who everyone else would rather exclude.

While they were at the table a woman approached Jesus. Whenever the Bible provides details, we need to pay attention. Did you notice all of the details about the woman’s gift that Matthew provided?

We know that the perfume was expensive, and so was its container- a flask of alabaster.
The disciples were shocked that the perfume was being wasted on Jesus. Imagine all the good that they could have done with the money brought from its sale!

Why would anyone do such a thing?

In Jesus’ time, women were often involved in the role of burial anointing. This woman chose to give a valuable possession, likely a family heirloom, to show her devotion to Jesus. We have no explanation, motive, or reason for her actions.

All we know is that she wanted to show Jesus how precious He was to her.

Today, we fulfill the words of Jesus once more and celebrate this woman’s tribute to her Savior.
When was the last time you stopped and showed your affection for Jesus?
When have you conveyed your gratitude for all that He has done?

Just as she did, seize this moment to show Jesus how precious He is to you.

Let your love for Him be extravagant.