Before you begin today’s devotion, I would like for you to find a pen or sharpie and something to write on that’s a little nicer than the back of an envelope. Once you’re ready, draw a line down the center of your paper. On the left side, write the word “SLAVE.” On the other side, write the word “ADOPTED.”

Read Romans 8:14-17 silently, focusing on the two spirits Paul describes.

Write down the word “FEAR” under the word “SLAVE.”

What are the things that you are so afraid of that they control you?
There is great power in naming things. Take a moment and ask God for strength.
When you are ready, write down the fears that own you and drag them into the light.

Take all the time you need.

Read Romans 8:14-17 aloud, focusing on all the things the spirit of adoption does.

Under the word “ADOPTED” write the word “CHOSEN.”

At the cross Jesus made you a part of His family. Ancient Jewish culture didn’t have an understanding for adoption. But in the Greco-Roman world, a man could choose someone to assume the rights of a natural born son.

At the cross Jesus chose you and made you a member of His family, with all of the rights of being His child.

Under the word “CHOSEN,” write the word “SECURE.”

So often we seek security and identity in places that can never meet those needs.


So often we live in a constant state of dread and fear because deep down we know the things we are depending on are not safe. We know we can’t depend on them. Our relationship with Jesus is the only thing secure in our life. It is the only thing that will never fail us. He chose you. He loves you.

Under the word “SECURE,” write the word “REMINDS.”

The Spirit reminds us that we are His. When we stumble and fall and lose sight of what is true, the Spirit is there telling us who we are.

You are not your pain. You are more than your hurt. Your failures do not define you.

Close your eyes and cry out to Abba, Father. As you are able, strike through the things you wrote down under “fear” and “slave.”

The things that have owned you in the past no longer have power.

You don’t have to be a slave to fear.
You are a child of God.