Jesus had a complicated relationship with His family.

Read Luke 2:41-52, Mark 3:31-35, and John 7:1-10 slowly and silently.

Almost from the beginning, Jesus’s earthly family struggled with His heavenly purpose. When He was 12 Jesus disappeared as the family was leaving Jerusalem. His family couldn’t find Him anywhere. Can you imagine their frantic search in a city bursting at the seams for Passover? (Jerusalem during Passover probably felt a lot like Augusta during Masters week.)

When they finally found Him at the temple, Jesus seems shocked that they didn’t think to look there first.

Mary didn’t understand but treasured it in her heart.

The Bible tells us that Jesus submitted to them and life seemingly returned to normal as the family settled in Nazareth. Time passes. We don’t hear anything about the family or even know what happened to Joseph, but it is safe to assume he died before Jesus started His ministry. It must have been hard on them when Jesus left home to begin teaching.

His brothers were not among the Twelve Disciples.

In fact, Mary and His brothers show up a few times while He was teaching and attempt to talk to Him because they didn’t understand. The Bible tells us that His own brothers didn’t believe. Can you blame them?

But Mary was still at the cross.

Read John 19:25-27.

Mary often didn’t understand what God was up to, but she always chose to be present. When the angel told her that she was going to have a baby, she didn’t doubt. She said, “here I am.” When strange shepherds and foreign magi appeared in the stable where she gave birth, she didn’t blink.

She chose to reflect and treasure it all in her heart.

I can’t imagine what Mary was thinking that day. Her son was dying right before her eyes. She probably didn’t understand why. But Mary was still at the cross, even though none of her other children joined her. Her family was shattered. She was a mother. Her place was with her son, no matter what.

She remained present in what God was doing.

Jesus saw her and blessed His mother one final time. Joseph was gone and His brothers were nowhere to be found, so He made sure that someone would always be there to take care of Mary. John, the beloved disciple, becomes part of the family of God. Jesus called him son.

So many of our families are shattered and broken, and maybe the image of family is difficult for you. But Jesus created Just as Jesus forged a new family for His mother, His death would create a new family for me and you. The cross means the grace and blessing Mary received is ours, too. His death would eternally unite the Father and His children.

The cross became a vehicle for our greatest blessing:

We are part of the unbreakable family of God.

The song asks, “Mary did you know?”

Today, I still wonder if she knew.

Mary, did you know?

Your son is my hero.