Community Groups

Community Groups are people meeting together to grow both DEEP and WIDE.

We grow deep together … and we grow wide by including others and welcoming new people into groups. Groups meet at various times and in various locations (homes, coffee shops, Quest campuses, etc). Community Groups are the heart of our church.

Below is a current listing of our Community Groups.  We’ve included basic information about each group.  If you are interested in one of these groups, simply click on the leader(s) email and inquire about the group.  For general information about groups or how to connect with one, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Sunday Groups

David and Caroline Wells

Demographic: Diverse (singles, married couples, wide age range as well: 20s-50s)
Area: Grovetown – Meets at Quest Church
Time: 10:30am (Weekly)
Format: Video series/book studies with open discussion

**This Group is Currently FULL**

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Monday Groups

Matt & Sarah MacDonald

Demographic: Diverse
Area: Martinez –  Childcare Provided
Time: 6:30pm – 8pm (Weekly)
Format: Bible Study and Accountability

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Colt & Sara Mitchell

Demographic: Diverse
Area: Quest Church – Childcare Provided
Time: 6:30pm-8pm (Weekly)
Format: Bible Study and Accountability

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Jackie Hagen & Amy Hagen

Demographic: Singles of all Ages
Area: Grovetown
Time: 7:30pm- 9pm (Weekly)
Format: Bible Study with Video Series

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Mix Group

Demographic: Quest Church – Childcare Provided
Area: Grovetown
Time: 6:30pm- 8pm (Weekly)
Format: Bible Study with Video Series

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Tuesday Groups

Kevin Orr

Kevin Orr & Mindi Arnold

Demographic: Diverse
Area: Martinez/Evans
Time: 7 pm (weekly)
Format: Bible study (including books and DVDs at times) and prayer

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J. Klein

Demographic: 18-25 year olds
Area: Quest Church – Student Space
Time: 6 pm (weekly)
Format: Bible study

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Travis Cain

Demographic: Young men
Area: Martinez
Time: 7 pm
Format: Bible study and accountability

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David & Cindy Steele

Demographic: Diverse
Area: Augusta
Time: 7:30 pm (weekly)
Format: Fellowship, Varied studies

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Wednesday Groups

Allison and Ryan Baxter

Ryan and Allison Baxter

Demographic: Married Couples with or without children
Area: Grovetown – Meets at Quest Church (childcare provided)
Time: 6:30pm (weekly)
Format: Books and DVD Studies

**This Group is Currently FULL**

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Thursday Groups

Saturday Groups

Tim and Lauren Tice

Demographic: Married Couples
Area: Martinez
Time: 6:30pm (every other Saturday)
Format: DVD and Book Studies

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